Success Stories

Rhys' Story

Rhys was brought down to Wales from Scotland by his mum. Life in Scotland was not good, with constant rows and no money. They moved in with Rhys's auntie in Newport initially, however after 3 months, Rhys' mum decided to return to Scotland, leaving Rhys alone.

Although he was living with his auntie, Rhys hadn’t made many friends. He enrolled on an IT course and things were starting to get better for him. But a few weeks later his auntie asked him to leave.

Rhys went to the Local Authority but he did not meet the criteria for “priority need” and they were therefore unable to help him. But, concerned for his safety, they called Llamau.

Llamau worked with the Housing department to get Rhys accepted as a priority, following which he was referred to Llamau’s York House project.

Rhys stayed with Llamau for just over a year, receiving intensive specialist support to overcome a range of personal barriers, gaining independent living skills, before he was allocated a property with a local housing association. He now lives independently with support from Llamau through their tenant support scheme. Rhys has completed his college course and has been awarded a diploma in performing arts and musical theatre. He has also obtained various qualifications including maths, English and IT.

Rhys has made incredibly positive changes to his life, through support from Llamau. He has addressed his substance misuse issue and has stopped using drugs and alcohol. Rhys has also made contact with his mum and they now occasionally speak on the phone. Rhys is now fully at home in Newport; Llamau’s support has ensured he enjoys an independent and active life, attending football weekly as well as being a keen BMX biker and attending a boxing class. This has helped him feel focused and positive and together with support, has helped him to cease his self-harming – he has told us he no longer feels alone.

Rhys has chosen to focus on music as a career and is hopefully applying to attend a Newport City radio course.

Rhys is an inspiration for others in his project because of his struggle with emotions and anger and his battle through the most difficult of times yet despite this, he has emerged the other side, a more positive, hopeful young man. He demonstrates that with the right support even the most challenging and disadvantaged young people can make positive changes in life.

With support from Llamau, Rhys has set up a new life for himself. Rhys is a very quiet and shy person yet he has become a positive role model for others within the Llamau projects and a true inspiration.

Liam's Story

Liam was referred to the Emergency Room in Llamau Trideg project by Cardiff Leaving Care team. Liam had previously lived with short term foster carers.

Liam came to be in the care of Social Services due to a relationship breakdown with his mother and stepfather. Whilst living with Llamau this relationship has improved slightly .Liam has maintained communication with his family on a weekly basis and visits his brother weekly.

Liam moved into a flat at the same address and has settled in well, he has engaged in the support on offer to him to acquire independent living skills.

Whilst living with Llamau Liam is being supported with how to budget within his income, he attends regular cooking nights with staff and is now confident at cooking for himself. Liam is now confident at making his own appointments with relevant people if necessary and is more than capable of attending appointments on his own. Liam is very good at communicating his emotions.

Liam has recently attended a tenancy course with Learning 4Life aimed at helping him prepare for independence.

While at Llamau Liam attends Learning 4 Life on a weekly basis and it is here that he worked towards and achieved his City and Guilds Certificates in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT.

Liam has also attended a few day`s work placement through L4L with GE Aviation.

Liam has contributed to various activities outside of the project, such as taking part in a fun run for charity and attending various activities arranged by Llamau.

Liam is currently looking for a job and is keen to find one before Christmas.

Liam’s self-esteem and confidence has improved as a consequence of the support he has received from Llamau and he is really looking forward to the day when he can have a job and live independently in the community.






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