Domestic Abuse Services

 Llamau’s domestic abuse outreach services are open to access to all victims regardless of gender. The support service provides housing related support to women, men and families who are at risk of homelessness through domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is the physical, psychological, sexual or financial control that takes place within an intimate or family relationship. This can include forced marriages and so-called ‘honour’ crimes. Abusers use physical and sexual violence, threats, money, emotional and psychological abuse to keep power over their partners. Domestic abuse also refers to allowing or causing a child to witness domestic abuse.

For advice or information you can contact who will forward your email to ourmost appropriate area providing service or you can call the All Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 8010800

Llamau would also advise that any men that find themselves victims of domestic abuse, should contact The Dyn Project, which provides support specifically to men who are experiencing domestic abuse from a partner. You can visit their website here

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