Family Mediation

Developed due to the lack of accommodation options for young people, our multi-award winning Family Mediation service has been recognised across the UK as a model for Best Practice. We have now developed Mediation services in nine out of the ten local authorities in which we currently work.

The service is tailored to identify the best way of re-engagement with the family; it also helps the young person and the family to understand the wider implications of homelessness at such a young age. While it is not always possible to return home, Family Mediation can still greatly assist the young person’s future prospects by re-establishing a link with the family and helping to build the family support networks.

In recognition of this best practice model, the Welsh Assembly Government funded Llamau to produce a Family Mediation Toolkit for local authorities and third sector partners.



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“As a result of Mediation we now hold our own family meetings where we take turns to be listened to. It’s good that we discuss things as a family.”
Annabelle, aged 17

“Family Mediation has helped put my family on the right track - we are now able to communicate and listen to each other.”
Jackie, parent

“Family all fine, all going well; still have ups and downs but nothing we can’t deal with ourselves.”
Linda, parent

“All my family seemed to be getting on with their lives. I didn’t feel included or considered, especially by my mother. Family Mediation helped me to explain how I felt to my family.”
Dewi, aged 15

“I found the Mediation worker a very helpful, friendly and approachable person, who gave good advice and support. My 14 year old son felt and said the same too!”