Ruairi collects donations for Llamau

15 June 2017

It was seeing food being given to homeless people while Christmas shopping with his family that spurred little Ruairi Clarke into action to do something about homelessness.

Ever since, the kind hearted five-year-old from the Vale of Glamorgan has been collecting donations for young homeless people and vulnerable women, and he recently delivered them to homelessness charity Llamau, in Cardiff.

In recognition of his work, Ruairi received the “Citizen of the Month” award from his school, St. David’s Church of Wales in Colwinston, Vale of Glamorgan.

Ruairi said, I’ve collected deodorants and toiletries. I’ve asked people in school, my family, my neighbours and my friends. I’m really happy to bring the items to Llamau.”

His mother, Lois, added, “We saw a van handing out food to homeless people just before Christmas, and ever since Ruairi’s been obsessed about why people were homeless and how he could help them.”

Frances Beecher, Llamau Chief Executive, said, “We’re so impressed that Ruairi decided to collect items for the young people and women that we support. It fills me with such confidence that young people like Ruairi are determined to make a change for the most vulnerable in our society.


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