SEYHoPe: A study of experiences of young homeless people

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The Study of Experiences of Young Homeless People (SEYHoPe) research project took place as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Llamau and Cardiff University Department of Psychology and the Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute.


Before SEYHoPe began there was a lack of research looking at issues faced by homeless people particularly in the UK and particularly looking at changes over time. The SEYHoPe research project was designed to address this knowledge gap.


The project aimed to look in detail at the lives of young people who have been homeless and assess the relationship between their characteristics and experiences of homelessness. By assessing the roles of individual characteristics, past experiences and social situation on the outcomes for Llamau service users over time, the project aimed to:


• Provide Llamau with key information on subgroups of service users who may not be benefiting fully from current interventions.

• Increase awareness of the complex issues faced by young homeless people.

• Highlight areas of service provision that are effective in helping young people with experiences of homelessness.


The SEYHoPe project was conducted as part of a reciprocal relationship between Llamau, Cardiff University and an associate (Kate Hodgson) who managed the project. The three partners worked together to achieve project aims which have mutually benefited all parties, by transferring knowledge, skills and experience in all directions.


The quality of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (essentially a grading of the collaboration between Llamau and Cardiff University) was judged in 2014 by the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK, as "outstanding", a grade which is reserved for just a small percentage of KTP projects annually.


In June 2015, the KTP was awarded the “Social Innovation” Award at the Cardiff University Innovation and Impact Awards 2015 in recognition of the quality of the impact of the work the partnership has achieved. 


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