Sleep Out!


Have you signed up for Sleep Out 2014 yet??

It will take place at the Wales International Sports Stadium, kindly provided by Cardiff City Council.  

To register simply click here!

Minimum Fundraising Target:
Every participant must aim to raise a minimum of £250. A 10% deposit of your target is required to secure your place on Sleep Out; this is paid when you register for the event.

Please note, we will not expect your funds to be with us until mid December, so please don't let the target put you off! You've got loads of time!

Date and Time
This year’s sleep out takes place on

Thursday 6th November 2014 from 7pm to 7am

On the night:
Sleep Out is not just about sleeping! There will be plenty of entertainment in the evening to keep your spirits high!

There will also be

  • Refreshments provided throughout the night
  • Separate sleeping area with marshalls on watch all night
  • Goody bags for all participants
  • Special guests …
  • Breakfast served from 6 am

How do I sign up for more information?
To register for the event click here!


Can I just turn up and sleep?
No. This is a fundraising event and we want to raise as much money as possible. Sleepers must be signed up in advance and have a minimum fundraising total of £250 per person.

Will I be safe?
The purpose of the event is to raise money and awareness of the issues of youth homelessness. We are not attempting to match the sense of danger, hopelessness and hunger which many young homeless people face. The event is taking place on private land and we will be providing plenty of layers of cardboard boxes for you to sleep on. You will be sleeping in a secure area where there will be Marshalls to protect you and your belongings throughout the night.

There will be overhead cover to protect you from the worst of the elements too. Despite this, please be sensible. Try to avoid wearing expensive clothing or bringing delicate technology or unnecessary valuables and please ensure you are wrapped up warm, with plenty of layered clothing, hats and gloves….. and don’t forget your sleeping bag!

Can I volunteer to help on the night?
We are recruiting a team of volunteers to help with all the event arrangements on the night. If you’d like to join the team please email:

Is this your first time fundraising? Follow these tips and download our fundraising pack here

The best way to fundraise is to use a combination of techniques; including personal requests, organising events, auctioning items on eBay, asking your employer to match your efforts and/or asking local companies to sponsor you.

First steps
Plan how you are going to hit your £250 target. Break it up into manageable chunks and work out how you are going to ask people to help

Set up your online fundraising page on JustGiving. Its free to set up and enables your friends, family and contacts to make donations online.

E-mail groups of your friends and contacts asking them for set amounts of money. Remember, you are doing something good for people that need your help. You should be proud of what you’re doing.
Write letters to clients or suppliers. Don’t discount anyone. While you may not have been in touch for a while, it’s never too late to resume a relationship by telling them of your involvement with Llamau.
If you are part of a team, form a mini committee to reach your goal. Ask them to share their contacts book, send out letters, help plan a party or find raffle prizes.

Ask everyone! You don’t need to know all of your potential donors. Its okay to accept donations from people you don’t know. Just remember to thank them

Mention your efforts whenever possible - you never know when someone has £20 burning a hole in their pocket!

Start early! There’s a lot to be said for getting all of your fundraising done early so that you can concentrate on your preparation as Sleep Out approaches.

Matched Funding
As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, many companies operate a "matched giving" scheme. This is a scheme where your employer tops up your fundraising achievements sometimes by as much as 100%. Such programmes are usually managed by a dedicated CSR team or someone in Human Resources so find out what your employer will do to support you in your efforts.

Organising an event such as a raffle, auction or staff "dress down" day can present a perfect opportunity for you to raise a significant amount towards your fundraising target. However, there are three things that you should bear in mind when planning a fundraising event:

1) Ideally, the event should only cost one third or less of the money it makes
2) You need to ensure that you have identified the audience and the most appropriate method so securing them in the time that you have until the event happens
3) Don’t forget that the fundraising team can supply Llamau branded material including leaflets, balloons and t shirts. Send us a message and we can send you free goodies!

What about Gift Aid?
For every £1 donated by a taxpayer, Llamau is able to claim back 25 pence on the rate of basic tax. Wherever possible, please encourage your supporters to tick the Gift Aid box on Just Giving.
Please note that Gift Aid does not count towards your fundraising target.

Why should I bother?
Taking part in the Sleep Out to raise money for Llamau will enable us to provide essential support services to thousands of homeless young people and women in Wales. From advice about how to get help, family mediation to rebuild broken relationships, specialist supported accommodation and unique prevocational training and help to find work, Llamau offers a comprehensive range of services designed to prevent homelessness now, and in the future. Your support will enable us to continue to provide a lifeline to the most vulnerable in communities across Wales. Demand for our services is increasing all the time, while it's becoming harder and harder to find enough money to provide them. Will you help us to make a real difference to real lives?

How can I help promote Sleep Out?
Its easy, just follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts with your friends.

What are the Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct for the Sleep Out?
Please email for any further information about this.

We hope to see you there!

Support Us

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Sleep Out is a unique national fundraising event for homeless and disadvantaged young people in the UK.

Llamau is in partnership with organisations across the country, who deal with some of the most vulnerable young people in our society.

Sleep Out aims to bring a national voice to the UK’s most pressing social issues by hosting events across the country that will bring you a step closer to the reality experienced by our homeless and vulnerable young people.

You will experience the discomfort of trying to sleep on cardboard boxes on a hard, cold floor during the winter. But while Sleep Out is a fundraising event designed to show solidarity and to raise awareness of homelessness it does not claim to replicate homelessness in anyway.

Thank you for showing your support by taking part in, and raising money for, Sleep Out!