Specialist Mental Health Support

Many of the people who come into contact with us experience some form of emotional and/or mental ill health. We identified the need to equip our front line staff with the right skills, and developed the role of a specialist mental health worker to support our people and our service users.

Our specialist mental health worker offers user-centred, flexible support, concentrating on building relationships with young people, facilitating access to support networks, helping young people and staff accurately recognise the signs of early emotional/mental ill health, and empowering young people to ask for help.

Acting as an advocate for our young people, this specialist role also provides a range of mental health information and advice, developing external relationships with statutory mental health service providers to facilitate appropriate and swift referrals.

Building on our base of knowledge

We’ve also initiated a specialist training programme, enabling all support staff to increase their knowledge of emotional and mental wellbeing. This includes stigma and discrimination, recognising potential concerns, passing on useful techniques in assessing risks to wellbeing, identifying the impact of other life issues on wellbeing, and explaining the role of statutory mental health professionals.


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