Staff Development

Training Opportunities

Llamau is fully committed to staff training. We recognise that all staff need to be fully trained and appropriately supported in order to provide a safe and effective service to our service users.

We operate a Core Competency (CC) programme to ensure that all staff are fully trained in the required areas. This should be used as a guide to ensure that all staff receive a thorough, ongoing training package during their time at Llamau.

Our comprehensive training package and learning environment means you have the opportunity to develop to your full potential and contribute to the overall success of our organisation. We appreciate that not all staff develop in the same way, so we provide a range of learning routes to reflect the needs of an individual’s learning style. These include on-the-job training, attending or participating in conferences, courses and/or seminars, internal and external secondment opportunities, shadowing other colleagues, coaching and mentoring.

In addition, Llamau staff will be positively encouraged to take personal development training that may be identified through appraisal or as part of their regular support and supervision.


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