SAFE & Supported Housing

Llamau provides a wide range of housing related support projects for 16-25 year olds:

• Short-term supported housing (6-12 months average stay)

SAFE (Support, Advice, Family Mediation and Empowerment) Projects - these projects provide high intensity, short–term, 24-hour supported accommodation for 16 and 17 year olds referred via the respective Local Authority homelessness sections. Each young person is allocated a key support worker, and an individual support plan is developed, identifying specific support needs. These needs are worked on over time and reviewed regularly, with the aim of preparing the young person for independent living.

• Medium-term supported housing (1-2 years average stay)

24-hour staffed, project based, supported houses – these provide high levels of support to vulnerable young people aged 16-21. We also provide medium-term supported housing in dispersed units. Some projects have specific focuses, such as youth offending, leaving care and training and development.

• Longer-term supported housing

In addition to floating support schemes, we work with Local Authority tenant support schemes, helping young people in their own homes and encouraging them to develop the skills to live independently. All supported housing projects provide a 24-hour emergency, on-call service.


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“While living at my accommodation I received lots of support from the staff - from paying bills, filling in forms and cleaning, to having someone to listen and understand my personal problems, and even advice on how to cook a baked potato!”

“It’s good because you know that you’re not on your own - there’s always someone there to help.”

“I think I’m very lucky to receive the support I get, plus the support plans help me reach my targets.”