I can go outside and do normal things again, and I know that Llamau is always just a phone call away

I first met Jenny after I came out of hospital. My boyfriend, Rob, had hit me so hard that I had needed to go for medical treatment. It was then that I decided enough was enough.

I was sick and tired of him and I didn't want our son, Charlie, to have to grow up with that in his life. 

I had tried to get away from Rob before but he kept on coming after me - he kept phoning me and messaging me on Facebook, and he kept on telling social services I was abusing our child, so they kept needing to investigate. Rob was just completely dismantling my life. He was determined to break me down. 

Jenny worked with me to make me feel more secure in my own home, and to make it safe for Charlie after I kicked Rob out. Jenny spoke to the police about the situation so they made any emergency calls from me a priority. Jenny also put me in touch with a specialist lawyer who deals with the fallout of domestic abuse - she helped me get a harassment order against Rob.

As well as making us safer, Jenny helped me to understand the impact of Rob's abuse on both me and Charlie. Even though Charlie is young, Jenny helped me to see the impact the abuse had on him, and helped me to rebuild my relationship with him. 

Since meeting Jenny, I'm so much more positive about the future for me and Charlie. My relationship with him has improved because I'm not worrying about what Rob's going to do. 

*Names and photos have been changed