Llamau’s Young People Call to Action – Make your Vote Count Tomorrow!

It is essential for as many people as possible to vote in the general election vote and have their voices heard, particularly those from younger and minority groups whose needs are often not prioritised. Every vote counts and plays a significant role in shaping our future.

Make Your Voice Heard

We encourage you to engage with this election and to make your voice heard. By voting for candidate that care about the issues that are important to you and advocating for Llamau’s cause, we can help ensure that our concerns are taken into consideration by those seeking to represent us and the people we support.

Together, we can work towards a future where everyone has a safe place to call home.
Your participation is vital in shaping policies that impact our community. Let's make a difference together!

Young People's Vision for Government

Some of the young people Llamau supports have shared their views about what they want to see from the new government.
Their responses are grouped to highlight their key areas of concern and desired changes:

Cost of Living
•            Lower prices of essential goods and services
•            Affordable healthy food
•            Reduced levels of inflation to make living expenses manageable

Equality, Diversity, and Rights
•            Greater representation and hearing of young voices
•            Elimination of prejudice and discrimination
•            Equal opportunities for all, especially young people and migrants
•            Protection of freedoms and fairness in governance

Healthcare / NHS / Mental Health
•            Shorter NHS waiting lists
•            Better mental health support and accessible trained counsellors
•            More GP surgeries and dental health services
•            Politicians who show genuine care for vulnerable populations

•            Affordable and accessible housing options
•            Development of new housing estates
•            Walkable cities with essential services within walking distance
•            Solutions for homelessness

Education and Employment
•            More practical lessons and hands-on work experience
•            Smaller class sizes and specialist teachers for additional needs
•            Increased job and education opportunities for teenagers
Your vote in the upcoming general election is not just a right but a powerful tool to advocate for the issues that matter most to you and your community. 
By participating, especially if you are from a younger or minority group, you ensure that your needs and perspectives are not overlooked. 
Voting for candidates who prioritise affordable living, equality, healthcare, housing, and education can lead to meaningful changes that reflect the voices of those often unheard.