End Youth Homelessness UK is a national movement to end youth homelessness. It is made up of nine charities from across the UK, and Llamau is the movement's Welsh charity. 

End Youth Homelessness UK brings together local charities to tackle youth homelessness on a national scale. 

All of the charities involved share the same core beliefs:

  1. Every young person has the right to a home
  2. Every young person needs the independence that education and a job provides
  3. Every young person needs a stable support network and services that can prevent them from becoming homeless

83,000 young people are homeless in the UK each year and nearly double ask their local authority for help because they are at risk of homelessness. 

End Youth Homelessness UK recognises that grassroots organisations are the experts and services need to be tailored to local need, while challenging the national issue of youth homelessness.

End Youth Homelessness UK enables businesses to support a national problem, while giving its staff the opportunity to make a difference in communities that are local to them. 

Visit End Youth Homelessness UK to find out more.