Self or household isolation and social distancing will have a direct impact on women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Home is not likely to be a safe place for anyone living with an abuser.

Gwent and South Wales police recently reported a notable drop in the number of calls coming through from people reporting or needing help because of domestic abuse.

There are concerns that the reason for this drop in calls is that people experiencing domestic abuse are living in isolation with their abuser, and do not have a safe opportunity to call.

The prospect of isolation and social distancing is worrying for many of us, but even more so for people living with an abuser. Our domestic abuse services will continue to run in spite of Coronavirus, to make sure that anyone affected by domestic abuse can get the support they need whenever they need it.

If you are experiencing abuse or are worried about someone who is, you can find more advice on how to access support and advice below.

Help available if you’re living with domestic abuse

  • If you feel you’re in immediate danger but cannot speak due to being isolated with your abusive partner, dial 999 and press 55. This will signal to the operator that you need help but you’re unable to talk.
  • Help can also be accessed through Llamau’s Multi Agency Centre on 029 2086 0255 or you can email us via [email protected]. Please note this is our central email address for women’s services and covers all areas, not just Caerphilly.
  • You can call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 80 10 800. The service is designed to help connect you to your nearest help provider.
  • There is also a secure App that you can download and use to record incidents of domestic abuse. If you’d like further information about this App please contact us on the above information.

How you can help someone living with domestic abuse during lockdown

  • Always assume the abuser is listening to your call or reading your messages so be careful.
  • Look out for changes in the way you normally communicate with each other. Someone being physically abused may avoid video calls or someone being controlled may cut themselves off from you entirely.
  • Try to keep in touch as often as possible and primarily via video calls or voice calls.
  • Agree on a code word that can be used to signal the need for help.
  • If you’re concerned someone is in immediate danger call 999. 
  • Be aware of the above information we've issued to help those currently isolated with an abusive partner.