We are thrilled to announce that a young man we’re currently supporting has been successfully elected as a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

This is an exciting opportunity for the young man who accessed our emergency accommodation this year after struggling with homelessness. Members of the Welsh Youth Parliament have the opportunity to use their voices and opinions to discuss and share issues that are important to young people in Wales, helping to shape a better future for themselves and future generations.  

“I was given temporary accommodation and had great emotional support through a Support Worker who helped me to get through what I was going through, listen to my story and believed in me.

“Llamau has given me the opportunity to become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament to represent them and their cause and I hope to help end youth homelessness and let other young people know the types of support that are out there.”

We are very proud of the young man and how far he’s already come since beginning his support journey with Llamau. We will be sharing more about him and his experiences with Llamau and Welsh Youth Parliament in the new year.

You can find out more about the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament here