Imagine having nowhere to live.

What would you do? Where would you go for help? How would you survive?

For thousands of people in Wales, homelessness is a frightening reality. Fortunately, Llamau (pronounced Lamb - eye) can provide the accommodation, support and advice that is so crucial in times of crisis. Llamau is Wales’ leading homeless charity, working with homeless and potentially homeless young people and vulnerable women across Wales.

An established charity with head offices in Cardiff but projects across Wales, Llamau has been working for over 26 years, to offer support, help, accommodation and housing advice to homeless and vulnerable young people and women in Wales.

Largest team to sign up to Sleep Out!


Llamau have been to visit the Go Compare office to have a photoshoot with the employees to celebrate being the LARGEST team to sign up to Sleep Out 2015!


With a massive total of 12 people, Go Compare is fielding a team with the greatest number of participants to sign up to the event so far! The team are "excited" and are "looking forward to the entertainment and activities lined up this year". They are especially looking forward to the new ‘Build your own Shelter!’ competition, and even mentioned getting together a focus group to plan the shelter they will be building! And we can't wait to see what they come up with!


So it looks like we have another competitive team on our hands, kicking this competition up a notch!

Go Compare will be joined by many other companies from Brighter Comms, Chwarae Teg, Newport City Homes, Caerphilly Homes, Promo-Cymru and even the Rotary Club in Monmouth with many more to come! If you are interested in taking part in our biggest annual fundraiser, then please take a look at our Sleep Out page which you can find here.

We are very excited to have a team take part from Go Compare this year, and it sounds like they already have a lot of fundraising plans lined up, starting with a yummy Bake Sale! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good old slice of cake.

We’re sure to keep you all updated with Sleep Out news, just keep an eye out on our news section, Twitter and Sleep Out page!

If your team looks likely to be even bigger than Go Compare then let us know and we’ll arrange a photoshoot!


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