Imagine having nowhere to live.

What would you do? Where would you go for help? How would you survive?

For thousands of people in Wales, homelessness is a frightening reality. Fortunately, Llamau (pronounced Lamb - eye) can provide the accommodation, support and advice that is so crucial in times of crisis. Llamau is Wales’ leading homeless charity, working with homeless and potentially homeless young people and vulnerable women across Wales.

An established charity with head offices in Cardiff but projects across Wales, Llamau has been working for over 26 years, to offer support, help, accommodation and housing advice to homeless and vulnerable young people and women in Wales.

Cardiff 10K Success

With success comes sore shoulders!


We had a fantastic day on Sunday 7th September running the Cardiff 10K!

Dan Briley, one of our members of staff, raised money for the charity by running the course wearing a bright red plastic children’s playhouse, decked out in finest Llamau livery, and a running number of course!
Dan, who says he has been regularly runs 10,000 meters at least three times a week in preparation for the race, usually can do the course in around 45 minutes, but the extra weight of the house, about 10 kilograms, slowed him down to around an hour and twelve minutes. Despite his best efforts to make wearing the house as comfortable as possible, he's currently nursing some rather sore shoulders today!

Dan had a team of Llamau runners going the distance with him - with everyone wearing a distinctive red Llamau running top.

Llamau Chief Executive, Frances Beecher, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what Dan was going to wear! It’s a great way to draw attention to the work that we do here at Llamau and we’re all behind him. Best of luck to everyone who is running for Llamau, thanks to them Llamau can enable more young people and vulnerable women to get their lives back on track! Good luck to everyone running for the other incredibly worthwhile charities.”

Preparations for the Cardiff Half Marathon, taking place next month, are well underway, with three members of staff from Llamau, Dan, Sue Gershenson and Bridget Lafferty taking part.

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