Employers: Take a stand against domestic abuse 


A so-called ‘super-complaint’ by the Centre for Women’s Justice sparked an in-depth investigation that showed that police are failing to impose restraining orders or bail conditions on men accused of rape, domestic abuse, harassment, and stalking.  

The super-complaint’s report, published over the summer, evidenced that even the police, those with arguably the most control over victim protection, are not well enough equipped to tackle the domestic abuse issue. But the lack of understanding as to how best to support and protect victims of domestic abuse and other violent crimes is not just an isolated policing problem. 

There is a pressing need across society for a greater understanding of, and protection for, those going through domestic abuse. The severity of the problem is little known, but as many as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men have experienced domestic abuse, and 75% of those experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence are targeted at work.  

Commercial law firm, Capital Law, on behalf of Llamau, are doing their bit to help tackle this community-wide issue. 

The firm’s employment team undertook an intensive training course with Llamau to help them understand how they, and their employer clients, can best support colleagues that may be facing domestic abuse and other issues at home.  

After the training, Capital Law created a full and comprehensive Domestic Abuse Policy, which they are making available to all in exchange for a £100 donation to Llamau. 

The one-page policy includes informative statistics and definitions, as well as a policy statement emphasizing the recommended supportive approach. It lays out 5 commitments that employers are encouraged to make to all their employees: 

  •  Appointing domestic abuse Champions;  
  • Training all employees;  
  • Assisting and supporting employees;  
  • Removing stigmas; and   
  • Assisting managers in dealing with any incident reports.  

Is your organisation willing to take a stand against domestic abuse, while supporting Llamau’s mission to end homelessness for young people and women? 

Donate now to receive your own Domestic Abuse policy.