Llamau’s Board announces joint Chief Executive Officers

Llamau, Wales’ leading homelessness charity has announced the appointment of Deputy CEO Sam Austin to the position of joint CEO alongside current CEO Frances Beecher. Read more

Lesbian Day of Visibility 2024

As we celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week, let us reflect on the profound impact of the lesbian movement had in the UK. From historical struggles to contemporary triumphs, lesbians have played a crucial role in advancing equality and acceptance for all. Read more

Trans Day of Visibility 2024

Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) holds significant importance for the LGBTQ+ Community, and especially for young transgender people, as it serves as a powerful platform for recognition, validation, and support. Read more

Empowering Lives: Llamau's Impact on Domestic Abuse in Wales

March 8th marks International Women's Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the strength, resilience, and triumph of women worldwide.   At Llamau, this day holds special significance as we continue our crucial work with amazing women throughout Wales. Today, we invite you to join us in commemorating the achievements made possible by your steadfast support, particularly through Llamau's transformative IRIS Programme. Read more

Llamau’s Statement in response to the Welsh Government’s draft budget

We acknowledge the challenging decisions that the Welsh Government has had to confront in light of the budget settlement. Nevertheless, we have significant concerns regarding the potential implications this will have Read more

Llamau's Safer Caerphilly Centre: A Beacon of Hope for Domestic Abuse Survivors

In the heart of Caerphilly, Llamau's Safer Caerphilly Centre stands as a vital resource and beacon of hope for individuals facing domestic abuse and trauma. It really is a multi-agency centre where we encourage other services to provide drop in surgeries including support for legal, money management, wellbeing and much more. Read more

Llamau Statement on Mark Drakeford Stepping Down as First Minister of Wales

As Mark Drakeford transitions from his role as First Minister, Llamau remains steadfast in its commitment to continue the crucial work initiated during his tenure. Read more

White Ribbon Day 2023 - How Is Llamau working to #ChangeTheStory?

Today, the 25th of November, marks the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence with White Ribbon Day. White Ribbon Day, is an incredibly important day for Llamau as we work to raise awareness of how our staff and services are working to #ChangeTheStory by supporting women and young girls who have experienced domestic abuse and violence. Read more

Tackling Youth Homelessness: The My Way Home Project and Llamau’s UNHRC session

In recognition of Llamau's pivotal role in embodying the values of the Nation of Sanctuary, we were delighted to facilitate one of the evidence collecting sessions during the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' (UNHCR) official visit to Wales. Read more

Welsh Minister Visits Tŷ Pride: A Beacon of Hope for LGBTQ+ Youth Facing Homelessness

Welsh Minister for Finance and Local Government, Rebecca Evans MS, recently made a significant visit to Tŷ Pride in Rhyl, Wales. Read more

The Silent Struggle: Impact of Homelessness on Young People's Mental Health in the UK

The experience of being homeless goes beyond the absence of a physical shelter; it penetrates the very core of your well-being, often leaving long lasting scars on mental health. Read more

UNISON supports Llamau's Fundraising Efforts

We sat down with Emma, a dedicated Unison branch secretary, to understand the reasons behind Unison’s support for Llamau's fundraising efforts. Read more

Our Response to the Latest Homelessness Figures

Sam Austin, Deputy CEO comments on the release of the latest Welsh Government Homelessness Figures Read more

Tŷ Pride Leading The Way in Wales

Pride month is very important to all of us here at Llamau and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit about our Ty Pride project… Read more

Honouring the life and legacy of Laurence Brophy

This June, we are honouring the life and legacy of Laurence Brophy, one of Llamau's most ardent supporters. Laurence, or Laurie as he was affectionately known, was a tireless fundraiser and advocate for our organisation, dedicating his time and resources to support young people and women experiencing homelessness in Wales. Read more

"If not now, then when? Radical reform for care experienced children and young people” report

Over the past year, Llamau collaborated closely with the Welsh Government, to provide evidence to the Children, Young People and Education Committee, and subsequently inform the “If not now, then when? Radical reform for care experienced children and young people” report. Read the full report here. Read more

International Women's Day 2023 - An interview with Kirstie Addleton

This International Women’s Day, we find out more about Llamau’s women’s services by talking to Kirstie Addleton who joined Llamau in October 2022 as Head of Service for Domestic Abuse and Gender-Specific Services. Read more

5 Best Fundraising Challenges to Take on in 2023 with Llamau

Looking for a meaningful way to help end homelessness in 2023? The New Year is a great time to take on a new challenge and make a real difference in the lives of the people we support. Take inspiration from 5 of our best charity fundraising events, from hiking across Wales, running marathons, jumping out of planes, and much more. Read more

Philip Colligan hits fundraising target with Slow Cycle Around Wales initiative

Tackling homelessness is a cause close to Philip’s heart, having seen the impact in his youth. He decided to use his Slow Cycle Ride Around Wales to raise awareness of the issues and to raise funds to support Llamau’s work to prevent young people experiencing homelessness. Read more

Our Thoughts Are With Avid Fundraiser, Laurence Brophy and His Family

Since 2017, Laurence raised more than £14,000 to support young people and women experiencing homelessness in Wales. Read more