Tia's Story

For young people like Tia, our supported lodgings can give them a chance to leave unhealthy situations. This is her story. Read more

Philip's Story

I can’t thank my Social Worker and Llamau enough for the support they gave me to change my employment options. Read more

Paige's Story

It’s hard to put into words what I’d say to someone thinking of joining Step Into Education but I think I’d tell them to take the leap. Read more

Alice's Story

Llamau have another service that offers counselling so Kathryn referred me to them instead. I started meeting regularly with Jamie. He was also surprisingly easy to talk to. He never made me feel bad about the fact I would make a joke about things. Read more

Jasmine's Story

If Llamau hadn’t come into my life when they did, I wouldn’t have got the mental health support I needed and I don’t know where I’d be. I do know that I wouldn’t be sat here today feeling as happy, safe and secure as I do right now. Read more

Hanna's Story

My Support Worker knew I’d need to start working on qualifications for both so she referred me to Step into Education. Read more

Dagmawit’s Story

There was no stigma around my mental health living with the other women at the accommodation. I made friends there because there is a better understanding of mental health issues. My Support Workers were very supportive and helped me with college and understanding my mental health condition. Read more

Quinn's Story

"I was already attending Llamau’s Step Into Education classes, so I asked my Tutor if there was any help I could apply for and thankfully there was. Ty Crouch had just opened and I was the first person to move in, which was nice." Read more

Josh's Story

Josh gained employment through Llamau's Step Into Employment programme. Watch his story here. Read more

Leah's Story

Going to Step into Education has helped me a lot. It was a big challenge for me because of my fear of meeting new people but the more I’ve attended the better I’ve felt. Read more

Ben's Story

"It’s my space and I feel safe in it" Sharing the stories of people like Ben is essential to Llamau as it shows that no matter where the young people we support start from, we won't give up on them and will help them improve their lives. Read more