HLM Architects are proud to partner with Llamau in an effort to end homelessness in Wales. 

At Llamau, our mission is to end homelessness for young people and women in Wales. 

We believe a home is a right, not a privilege, and one so many people are still sadly denied. 

Despite the fact that homelessness can be prevented, thousands of young people and women across Wales face this frightening reality every day.

Your donation will enable us to support people by: 

  • Preventing Homelessness; we don't wait until people reach crisis point before providing them with the help and support that they need
  • Safe, Homely Accommodation; where young people, women and children can feel at home and begin to rebuild their lives. 
  • Support to Move On; from trauma, and help people to build independent, purposeful lives. We help people develop life skills, confidence and self-esteem. We then support them to enter back into education, employment or training.

Watch Natasha’s story below to understand why we need your support: