Give a homeless child like Bethan the chance to succeedWhen referred to us, just 40% of the children we support have 1-4 GCSEs, 25% have no qualifications at all, and some can’t even tell the time.

As most children are excited about going back to school for the new academic year, many of the children Llamau supports will face challenging times. There are children in Wales who don't have a loving family encouraging them, don't have friends that they can lean on or extra support that they need to help them succeed at school. 

But we all deserve to achieve goals and be successful, regardless of our backgrounds. That’s why we’re asking for your help to be able to continue our education services that aid young people who haven’t had the opportunities that most of us take for granted.

Llamau provides 6-month intensive training to children who have been failed by the system. Our curriculum is designed to recognise that no two individuals learn in the same way. Our tutors are experts in their field and can identify the needs, the barriers and the potential that young people have, ensuring that they are working through the right programme at their own pace, building confidence as they go. Last year, over 300 qualifications were awarded to homeless young people in Llamau's tailored education programmes. 

With your help, we can ensure that homeless children across Wales are given the chance to succeed in their education. Donate today help fund Llamau's vital education programmes and ensure that we can continue to make a real difference to the futures of the children we support.