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Here are some activities you can do with children around the house.

Just for fun!

  • If your children like a challenge, this ‘Win it in a Minute’ toolkit has lots of ideas for hours of fun. They can build the tallest tower, have an egg and spoon race or pick up the most sweets only using a straw! 
  • The CBBC website has lots to keep children entertained, including interactive quizzes, puzzles, gaming information and news from the BBC for children
  • Check out this list of 100 things to do indoors for some inspiration!


Books and story telling

Physical activity and relaxation

  • HapiRCT are launching Facebook Live classes for children and families including singing, family fit and Pilates. 
  • Here For You For Them has a Mindful Family Toolbox including yoga, breathing techniques and family activities.


  • Have a virtual tour around 30 different zoos and museums 

Quick tip!

You can do a simple prize hunt – why not hide images or objects around the house for the children to find, the one that collects the most wins a prize!