"I’m much happier and healthier these days."

I was referred to Wendy at Llamau because I was being bullied very badly, both in school and outside of it. The bullying would happen in the school but also through social media, calls and texts. I couldn’t get away from them. It became so bad that I ended up isolating myself from everyone. School is where you meet your friends for life, but because of the bullies I didn’t make any friends or have anyone my own age to talk to.

I stopped going to school and struggled with anxiety and really low confidence. I didn’t think I was capable of doing anything so I just sort of stopped altogether.

Things at home with Mum weren’t always easy. If I was having a bad day I’d get angry and frustrated. I’d end up taking it out on my mum because she was the only one there. Our relationship did suffer, which makes us both really sad to think about, but now we know it wasn’t either of our faults.

My doctor referred me to Llamau for support. I’ve had Support Workers in the past, so Mum and I didn’t expect much, but Wendy was different. If she’d come into our lives the 4-5 years before all the bullying had started, things would have been different for both me and Mum.

Even though Wendy was there to support me, she also helped to support my mum just by being around. The better I felt, the better things were at home for us both.

Thanks to Wendy’s support, I’ve gone back to college. She started slowly with me, working to rebuild my confidence and move past the bullying. She helped me see it was never my fault I was bullied. She also talked me through things that would always cause me anxiety, like catching the bus. After helping me get into college, Wendy sat me down and we talked about what I should and shouldn’t worry about. With the buses, we looked at bus timetables and routes and where I needed to go once off the bus.

With past Support Workers, I could never just call them and talk about things that were making me anxious. I had to wait for our meetings, but I can call Wendy anytime and talk through anything. I trust her and can tell her anything. She’s never let me down. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

I’m much happier and healthier these days. Wendy has helped me develop a good routine, so I’m getting up in the mornings rather than sleeping in and staying hidden away in my bedroom all day. My relationship with my mum is 100 times better now as well. Mum says she’s happy to see her little girl growing into the young woman she always wanted me to be.

If I could say anything to my younger self, it would be not to worry about things so much. An argument that’s happened today will be forgotten a week, month or year down the line.