I'm still not 100%, but I can see a future now and I'm looking forward to it. I couldn't say that before.

My mum's mental health issues meant that she struggled to look after me and my sister when we were growing up. Our relationship has always been up and down, and there have been periods throughout my life where we haven't spoken at all.

My sister was taken into care when I was 16 years old but, because of my age, I went to live with my dad, nan and uncle, and was referred to Llamau for support. It wasn't long before problems started with my family. My dad and nan would constantly argue with me - small arguments would turned into screaming matches, and my uncle was violent and aggressive. Eventually, I couldn't take the situation at home anymore and I went to stay with my cousin.

I slept on my cousin's sofa for a while, but had to sleep on the floor after someone else moved in. As well as paying my cousin to stay, I was always having to lend her money and we were falling out a lot. My cousin's friends were around at the house a lot, and would team up against me when we argued. I felt completely alone, but I had nowhere else to go.

I felt so low. One day, I took an overdose of painkillers. I told my Llamau support worker, Leanne, and she took me to A&E straight away. Leanne stayed with me at the hospital all day - I honestly doesn't know what I would have done on my own.

At the hospital, I saw a mental health counsellor who put together a support plan for me. Leanne took me to register with a GP the next day and helped me to get an emergency appointment. She even rang my work placement to let them know I was unwell. I moved into one of Llamau's support accommodation projects not long after. Finally, I had my own space and a bed to sleep in.

The support from Llamau has been amazing. They've helped me to sort out my benefits, and come with me to the job centre when I felt too nervous to go on my own. I've also been referred to Llamau's Family Mediation service to help me, my mum and my sister talk things through.

Right now, I'm focused on finding work so that I can move into my own flat and live independently. I just want a quiet and peaceful life, close to my friends and family, and for me, my mum and my sister to get along. My dream job in the future would be anything that helps people, especially kids. Once I am settled in my own flat, I'd like to start training in health and social care. I'm still not 100%, but I can see a future now and I'm looking forward to it. I couldn't say that before.

*Names and images have been changed