I have two real interests I hope I can make a career from. I’d either like to work in theatre or as a nurse looking after children and babies. My Support Worker knew I’d need to start working on qualifications for both so she referred me to Step into Education.

I met Richard and Steven to talk about Step into Education and afterwards I felt like they could definitely support me to get the qualifications I needed.

Firstly, I started working through a workbook about Health and Safety at the theatre, which I found interesting and it made me feel more confident that that was where my career would be.

I’ve also completed a Career Planning Agored and I’m now finishing up my Welsh Agored. I find learning with Step into Education really enjoyable because we learn about interesting things. Like this month, we’ve learnt about Pride Month and Marsha P Johnson. Learning about her and the things she did has been one of my favourite topics so far.

I like that all my tutors let me know that it’s ok not to be perfect and that they don’t put pressure on me. They build up your confidence and find ways for us to try new things. There is another lady that comes into our centre once a week and we do poetry together. Doing this has helped with my creativity and it let’s me put my feelings down on paper.

Step into Education has also helped me to make up my CV and we’ve done a mock interview. I felt quite nervous at the start of the interview but as it went on I felt more confident. It has helped me because now I know more about what to wear to an interview and what I should and shouldn’t say.

Before attending the Step into Programme I did struggle with anxiety on the train. My Support Worker helped me to find my way the first time I travelled but now I’m comfortable enough to do it on my own. I still struggle with my mental health but that’s something Step into Wellbeing also helps me to understand and cope with.  

*Name and identity changed