Kylie had experienced domestic abuse whilst living with her mum and her mum's ex-partner. After being referred to Llamau, Kylie began her Play Therapy with our Children's Outreach Worker, Cerys.

During each session, Kylie was encouraged to play with things like playdough, sand, lego and craft materials. Playing allows Kylie to process emotions whilst engaging with Cerys in a safe and trusting environment.

Through Play Therapy, Kylie explored the feelings she had developed as a result of the abuse she had seen at home. Kylie was worried, angry and sad. Whilst playing, Cerys helped Kylie understand domestic abuse and how it affected her and her family. Kylie is now able to recognise her feelings better and talk about how they are affecting her physically as well as learning to give herself new positive messages. Her behaviour in school has improved and teachers have fed back that she is happier and more settled. 

Kylie's mum is also attending group work to develop her own confidence. The family are moving forward positively with their lives. 

*Name and images have been changed.