*Name changed 

When things were still quite bad with the Coronavirus pandemic, my mum decided to move out of our family home to go and live with her brother.

She gave me the choice to move with her and my siblings or stay living in the house with my boyfriend. I really didn’t want to go with her. We’d often have arguments, which she blamed my boyfriend for but I do think that was just her shifting blame rather than taking responsibility. She’s always been the type of person that doesn’t think before she acts.

I stayed in the house with my boyfriend but I did feel very worried after mum went. I didn’t really know what would happen or where I’d end up, especially when we found out we were not allowed to switch the tenancy into my name.

I contacted my local council for help and they managed to move me into a Guest House, which was okay but it wasn’t a place I could call my home. Not long after I split up with my boyfriend. The whole situation still really upsets me now but I try not to think about it.

Within a week of living at the Guest House, Lynwen from Llamau made contact with me. She’s lovely and helpful. I’ve really appreciated her support so far.

When the council called me to tell me they’d found me a place to live, Lynwen came with me to sign the tenancy agreement and make sure everything went well for me. She also helped make sure I had furniture at the property before I moved in.

Throughout this time, I’ve kept up my college studies and hope I’ll be able to go into a job that involves care of some kind. That’s the goal but for me but as time goes on I’ll know more about what I want to do.

I am feeling much better now I’ve settled into my own home. It’s lovely having my own space and I have a lot more privacy. Thankfully, I do still have a good relationship with my mum and siblings. I try to see them when I can.

It’s nice that Lynwen is still in touch with me. I like that she texts me every now and again to ask if I’m okay and if I need any help with anything. It’s nice to know she’s there if I need support.