When Shanice was 16, she had to leave home after her relationship with her mother broke down.

At the time, Shanice felt very unsettled and struggled to cope with how stressed she felt, taking some time out of school, attending her church to give her strength.

After a short stay with a lady from her church, Shanice and Josie were introduced. Josie had come forward as a host in hope she might be able to have a positive influence on a young person’s life. From that first day, they just clicked.

“Before meeting Josie, I was terrified by the idea of moving in with someone I didn’t know. I had an image of a small box room at the back of the house, with a tiny bed to sleep in but that couldn’t have been further than what I have here with Josie. I have such a cool room.”

“I think Shanice and I get on so well because we both like our own space and respect each other as individuals. We like to talk but also appreciate time alone. We’re also both quite quirky in our own way, which our support worker, Julie, would have picked up on, matching us from getting to know us.”

Since moving in with Josie, Shanice’s relationship with her mother has vastly improved.

“We now get on so well and have a great time when we’re together. We’re almost the same person so living together didn’t work but that doesn’t mean we can’t be close now. Josie has been a big help with rebuilding my relationship with Mum.”

Together, Josie and Shanice have taken this experience to learn from each other. Whilst Shanice commits strongly to her religion and culture, which Josie respects and also tries to embrace, Josie follows a vegan lifestyle, which Shanice has become more open to. 

“Josie goes out of her way to adapt her lifestyle around me. During Ramadan she was really supportive and even went and bought me these special noodles you can’t just buy in a regular supermarket.”  

“Shanice has brought life into my home. She should be so proud of herself for how far she’s come even through some really hard times.”

The budding duo credit Llamau and their support worker, Julie, for matching them and strengthening their relationship through ongoing support and advice.