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Staying indoors is a great opportunity to learn some new recipes and show off your culinary skills! The links below have lots of tasty recipes to try using ingredients you can find in your cupboards. Whatever it is you fancy, there's sure to be something to tempt your tastebuds.


BBC Good Food

This amazing free resource has a huge library of recipes of all difficulty levels and flavours. Not sure where to start? Try browsing by ingredients or type an ingredient you already have into the 'Browse ingredients' search bar to find recipes.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Jack Monroe has some fantastic recipes for cooking on a budget and using what is in the back of you cupboards, Check out this website for some ideas!  

Buzzfeed Tasty

Simple, step-by-step 1 minute cooking tutorials.

The Happy Foodie

Easy recipes from lots of different chefs, using ingredients you might already have in the cupboard. Try the ‘Three-Ingredient Gooey Chocolate Orange Cake’ under the Three-Ingredient Bakes section for a quick, tasty treat.

Jamie Oliver

Step-by-step recipes and tutorials from one of the world's most popular chefs.

Social Media

Jane's Patisserie

Tasty bakes for lovers of sweet treats!

Sorted Food

A group of old school friends get together to try recipes, take on food challenges and have cooking battles.

Binging with Babish

Ever wondered what Krabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants taste like? American YouTuber Oliver Babish makes quirky videos of him bringing food from TV and film to life.

Food Health and Safety

How to freeze and store food

It's really important to follow food safety advice and make sure you are storing food properly. This page has lots of useful tips on how to freeze, defrost and store a range of foods safely.