We believe that we all have a role to play in ending youth homelessness. That’s why we’ve launched our campaign to end youth homelessness in Wales in the next ten years, with the support of First Minister Carwyn Jones and Hollywood actor and activist, Michael Sheen.

Early Intervention and Prevention

Our campaign will work to identify opportunities to step in early to prevent youth homelessness and to ensure that young people who are at risk of homelessness are able to get support as soon as they need it. Whether that’s support to stay in the family home or support to continue in education or training, the earlier we support someone, the more able we are to prevent homelessness.

Suitable accommodation and support to live independentlyWe provide small accommodation projects for young people, helping them to feel that they have a home. At every project, we ensure that young people are given more than a roof over their heads. We support them to manage their money, to live independently, to build their resilience and confidence and support them to gain qualifications and move back towards employment.

Help as soon as it’s needed

We’re working with other charities, Welsh Government and local authorities to make sure that young people do not have to jump through hoops to access the support they’re entitled to. Very often, young homeless people are confused by the systems they have to navigate to get support. It is unacceptable to expect young people to know which council department they need to contact or what their rights are so that they can push to access support to which they are entitled.

Our appeal to launch the first out-of-hours youth homeless helpline will also be critical in delivering this. Young people will have one free number that they can call to access help and support as soon as they need it. Too often, young people are homeless for months before they access any help and support.

Employment Opportunities

Homeless young people are very often the furthest away from the employment market. Often with few qualifications, and limited work experience, they do not get past most recruitment processes.

We’re working with businesses across Wales to ensure that young people are given a chance to work and therefore a chance to fulfil their potential. Businesses can offer long-term work placements to young people, with the confidence of knowing that both the business and the young person will be supported by Llamau to make the placement a success. Young people receive extensive support before any placement begins to ensure that they are ready for work and understand their responsibilities as an employee.