Marketing Communications

Our marketing communications include information about our work, the progress we’re making towards our mission of ending youth homelessness and homelessness for women. We may also include information about our latest campaigns and ask you to donate or support us in other ways.

We operate an ‘opt-in’ policy for our communications which means that we will only send you marketing communications where we have explicit consent to send them to you, except where we have a legitimate interest to communicate with you about a specific activity. For example if you have registered an interest in a specific fundraising event or activity, we have a legitimate interest to send you communications about that event or activity but will not send you communications about other areas of our work without your explicit consent.

Managing your communications preferences

If you decide that you no longer want to receive certain types of communications from us, you can let us know at any time by emailing [email protected] or calling 029 2023 9585 and asking for the fundraising team.

We will also give you information on how to opt out of receiving communications from us whenever we send you marketing communications.

Even if you decide that you don’t want to receive marketing communications from us, we may still need to send administrative communications to you. This could include contacting you about a donation you have made, about processing Gift Aid, thanking you for supporting us or keeping in touch with you about a fundraising or volunteering activity with which you are currently involved.

Building profiles of supporters

We do not currently use profiling and screening techniques, but may do so in the future. These techniques would allow us to send you more relevant and timely communications and provide a better experience for our supporters. This also allows us to ensure that the money we spend on communications is targeted efficiently. Profiling and screening would allow us to understand the backgrounds and situations of our supporters, and may help us to identify people who may be able to give more than they already do, and therefore allow us to raise more money to deliver our mission sooner.

Building a profile would involve us collecting and analysing geographic, demographic and other information such as employment details, visible assets and other philanthropic activity. This information may be used to give us an idea of your giving capacity to Llamau.  We will do this by combining the data we hold about you on Llamau’s supporter database with publically available information, such as information published by other charities, corporate websites, public social media accounts, the electoral register and Companies House. We will only use information which is publically available and will not use information which has not been broadcast or made public.  

If you do not wish us to use your data in this way, you can opt out of this activity at any time by emailing [email protected] or phoning 029 2023 9585 and asking for the fundraising team.