Many young people stay with friends or people they don’t know because they don’t have anywhere else to live. Even though you are not sleeping on the streets, this is still classed as being homeless, and you should seek help from your local council.

You should approach your local council to explain your situation and to make a homelessness application. They are required to consider your application and your situation before deciding whether you are eligible for support.

If you are under 18 and are sofa surfing because you have been kicked out of your home or have experienced violence, threats or abuse at home, you should contact the children’s services team at your local council. If you’re at school or colleges you should speak to a teacher or trusted adult about supporting you to approach your local council.

You can call Llamau’s Youth Homeless Helpline, run in partnership with Shelter Cymru, free of charge, on 08000 495 495. Highly trained colleagues and volunteers will help you to access safe temporary accommodation and provide advice on how to keep yourself safe.

If you are in immediate danger where you are staying you should contact the police on 999.