It is important that any young person who is sleeping rough approaches their local council for help. If you have seen someone sleeping rough, you can contact StreetLink via their website or app. Street Link will ask you for some details about the person, including where they are sleeping, so that they can connect with local services such as day centres, outreach teams or night shelters.

If you are comfortable talking to the young person, you can also ask them if they have approached their local council for support. Many young people simply don’t realise that there is support available for them, and often don’t know how to access it.

If you are comfortable doing so, you could support them to approach their local council, ensuring that they are able to make a homelessness application and that an assessment of their needs and situation is completed.

If you have seen a young person sleeping rough and it is outside of office opening hours, you can call the Youth Homeless Helpline, free of charge, on 0800 328 0292. Highly trained Llamau colleagues and volunteers will help the young person to access safe temporary accommodation and provide advice on how to keep themselves safe. 

The helpline is open through the night and over the weekend:

Monday - Thursday : 5pm - 9am

Over the weekend: 5pm Friday - 9am Monday

If you are worried that the young person is in immediate danger, you should call the emergency services on 999.