If you have had to work from home because of Coronavirus, you can apply to HMRC to claim tax relief on your working from home expenses. You can claim tax relief on £6/week of expenses (worth £1.20/week on 20% tax and £2.40/week at the higher rate of tax). HMRC says that for this level of tax relief, you will not need to provide receipts for the costs incurred. 

How to claim the tax relief

You will need to fill in a P87 Form Online through your Government Gateway Account. You'll be asked for your employer's name and your PAYE reference which you can find on your P60 or Payslip. The Key Section for filling in is 'Using Your Home as an Office'. 

In the 'Amount Paid By You' box enter a total amount that's equivalent to £6/week for the period of time you've been working from home. 

In the 'Amount Paid By Your Employer' you will need to enter £0. 

You claim retrospectively on any expenses you've incurred so if you're only at home due to Coronavirus, it's best to wait until you're back at work and make the whole claim at once. Your tax code will likely be adjusted so you pay less tax over the year, as opposed to you getting a direct refund.