Organising your own fundraising activity is a great way to have fun, all while changing the lives of homeless people right here in Wales.  From holding a coffee morning, to do a skydive or organising a pub quiz, here are our top tips for hosting your own fundraiser for Llamau. We'll be there to support you as you raise money to help us end homelessness in Wales. 

Choose an event that works for you

Choosing what type of fundraising event you want to take part in or what event you want to host is the first step in any fundraising journey. Make sure to choose an event that you are passionate about and can commit to, it's okay to start off small and work your way up to a larger event if you need to as any and all support will go a long way in supporting the young people and women Llamau is helping. 

Need ideas on what type of fundraiser to hold? See our ideas here

Set a clear fundraising goal

Having a clear fundraising goal will allow you to celebrate milestones and stay motivated through your fundraising journey. Llamau has a number of resources to help you scream and shout about your fundraising efforts, just in get touch with the team to see what we can offer you. 

Set up your fundraising page straight away

Following on from having a clear goal, the easiest way to encourage your family and friends to support your fundraising is by asking them to donate online. Setting up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Facebook fundraiser  should be one of your first steps once you've decided what type of fundraising event you will be hosting/taking part in.

Get Creative

Getting creative with your fundraising efforts will help keep things fun and interesting for you but will also help get your fundraising efforts memorable and will encourage others to support you. 

Challenge others to get involved

When fundraising, you have the great opportunity to get others involved by challenging them to either take part in the same event as you, complete the challenge in a fast time or even raise more money than your goal. Who doesn't love a good competition as this way, you won't be fundraising on your own, you'll have your own community. 

Share why you are supporting Llamau

When fundraising, it is really important that people feel that their support  is going to a worthwhile cause. By sharing why you are supporting Llamau and the work we do, it will help give people a better understanding of why you are choosing to give your time and efforts to this cause and will make them more likely to be generous with their support both through sharing your efforts to increase its reach and through monetary means. 

Remember to say thank you

Once all is said and done, remember to thank your supporters. This is not only so they know you value their support but also if you want to take part in a future fundraiser, they will be more likely to support you or even take part. 

Keep it safe and legal

We want you to have as much fun while you're raising money for Llamau as possible, but you also need to make sure that you keep your fundraising safe and legal. 

Our dedicated fundraising team can help you to make your event a success and can provide resources from collecting buckets to balloons. Let us know what fundraising you're planning and we can help you to come up with a plan to organise it, promote it and raise money from it. Email [email protected] or call us on  029 2023 9585.