Homelessness occurs when people are let down by the system that are supposed to protect them; forcing young people and women to face the unimaginable situation of sleeping in an unsafe house, sofa surfing or on the streets.

This is not acceptable. Every day at Llamau we strive towards our mission of ending homelessness for women and young people here in Wales, for good. So far, we've supported over 10,208 young people, women and children across Llamau in 2022/23

That's what we do, but want to find out more?

Led by Llamau's CEO, Frances Beecher, our Impact Event should provide you with an insight into what we're trying to achieve.

You can also read our annual Impact Report. The report showcases the progress and accomplishments of the young people and women we support and how we've supported them. It also looks at societal changes that, with your help, could end homelessness in Wales.

Click here to read our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report is sponsored by

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