On Thursday 3rd June 2021 we would like to encourage as many people as possible to talk about the important part employment has played in their life, with a big focus around their very first job.

We can probably all think back to the first job we had. It is likely that that job was not our favourite, it wasn’t the most glamourous and it certainly wasn’t our dream job. What it was however, was a springboard for us, a platform that welcomed us into the world of work.

Our first job taught us so many valuable skills, such as the importance of being on time and making a good impression. It gave us responsibility and helped us make new friends and learn to communicate effectively with others. Skills and values that remain with us for life.

However undesirable that job was at the time, we want people to consider how it helped to shape them into the person they are today, asking the question ‘where might I be right now if someone hadn’t given me that first yes?’

Why is this campaign so important?

The young people Llamau support are eager to learn, creative and resilient individuals. They have tenacious personalities and interesting stories to share, but they also face many barriers that other young people do not. Barriers that stand in the way of them being offered equal employment opportunities that could spark their passions in life and pave the way for the future they deserve.

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely dented the Welsh labour market as a whole but it has devastated the industries where the young people we support usually begin their employment journey.

As a result, we are seeing more and more young people being pushed further away from the labour market and leaving education earlier than anticipated without support in place to help them identify their next steps in life.

How to get involved...

From sharing your own #myfirstjob experience to tagging employers who may be able to support young people with work placements - there are plenty of ways you can help support our campaign! Download our campaign pack below...

#myfirstjob campaign pack