We’re so excited to announce that Broadway Partners and the MSS Group are the official sponsors of our 2020 Impact Event, taking place on 12th November! 

The support of the MSS Group and Broadway Partners means that, in a year which has had so many challenges, we are still able to hold a celebration of the good that has happened over the past year, and the resilience that the people we support, our colleagues and supporters have shown.

Our annual Impact Event is a celebration of the amazing achievements of the people we support over the course of the preceding year. Usually, we’d be planning for a physical event that brings together our supporters, colleagues and the people we support. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, that won’t be possible this year, so we will be moving the event online and delivering our first ever Virtual Impact Event, broadcast via Livestream, instead!

Although we are disappointed not to celebrate in person with our supporters, colleagues and the people we support, we are very excited that more people than ever will be able to join us. As with every year, we will still be delivering a schedule of inspiring talks and speeches from those we support, our colleagues and special guest speakers.

The event will coincide with the launch of our 2020 Impact Report, which is packed full of the ways we have been working to create a world without homelessness this year, and also includes inspirational stories from some of the most incredible people you could hope to meet, the people we support.

As is the case for so many, the challenges presented by Covid-19 has made 2020 a uniquely challenging year for Llamau. This year’s Impact Report will explore our emergency response to Coronavirus and how we have continued to deliver our vital services in spite of Covid-19, at a time when the people we support have needed us more than ever.

Support and compliance provider MSS Group are sponsoring both our Impact Event and Impact Report for 2020, having started supporting Llamau earlier this year in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been so grateful to receive 4 months’ worth of PPE from MSS Group, which saved us approximately £2,000, in addition to an incredibly generous donation of £10,000 for our Learning 4 Life programme.

Bill Mayne, CEO of MSS Group said:

“It was a very easy decision for us to sponsor Llamau and their 2020 Impact Event and Report. They are an amazing group of people who approach every challenge they face with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and passion in order to help the people who need them most.

This year has been awful in so many ways and the requirement for a helping hand more important than ever. Llamau recognise from first hand experience that Covid-19 is a disease that discriminates against the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our Society. It makes the work they do even more invaluable and to support them, albeit in a small way, feels intensely rewarding. I’m sure the 12th of November is going to be very special day.”

Broadway Partners is also a new supporter of Llamau and keen to align themselves with the important work we do caring for vulnerable people in our society. As a broadband provider they understand the importance of connecting people and communities together, and are particularly aligned with our support to help young people access education, employment and training through Learning 4 Life and Symud Ymlaen Moving Forward. These projects are essential in ensuring young people can develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential and build an independent future for themselves.

Michael Armitage, CEO of Broadway Partners said:

“Charities across the country have seen a huge reduction in funds and it’s important for us as a business to aid local organisations that are doing vital work to support those in need.

At our core, we’ve always been committed to ‘connecting the unconnected’ - specialising in those parts of the country that are typically forgotten by the larger broadband providers. It was important therefore for us to choose a charity that really embodies our values as a business. With this new partnership, we’re commitment to supporting Welsh communities, creating work placements, and employing a local workforce.”

This year has presented unprecedented hardships for many sectors, with the charity sector being one of the worst hit. We are hugely reliant on our income from fundraising events and with most being cancelled or postponed, we are facing a potential shortfall of £300,000 in our income for this year. This is why, more than ever, we are reliant on the support of companies such as MSS Group and Broadway Partners.

We can’t wait to celebrate the year with you! If your business can help us continue our work to create a world without homelessness over the coming year, find out more about ways to support our work here.