As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the lives of people across the world, many businesses are looking to their local communities for ways to give back and support those most in need.

One such business is Cardigan-based deli, brunch and coffee bar, Crwst

A business with strong Welsh roots, Crwst felt driven to support a Wales-based charity supporting people across Wales, and approached us about setting up a CPA that would donate £5 from the sale of each of their Bake at Home Kits to Llamau. At the time of writing, Crwst has raised a fantastic £780 for Llamau.

The Coronavirus pandemic has already had a huge impact on the lives of the people we support. Many young people who have been sofa-surfing are needing to leave the homes of friends or relatives without anywhere else to go. Whilst self or household isolation and social distancing is likely to worsen the situation at home for people already experiencing family breakdown or domestic abuse.

With disruption to education and training, fewer employment opportunities (and the resulting financial strain on families and young people), plus an increase in demand for support services, the impact of Covid-19 on those we support is only likely to become more pronounced over the coming months.

We’re so grateful to Crwst for supporting Llamau at a time when a lot of our traditional fundraising methods, such as fundraising events, simply can’t happen. Thanks to the support of businesses like Crwst, we have been able to keep our essential services running at a time when the people we support need us more than ever.

Here's what Catrin Parry Jones, Co Director at Crwst, said about setting up a CPA to support Llamau:

“The reason we chose Llamau is that we wanted to donate to a Welsh charity supporting people across Wales. Llamau does some amazing working supporting homeless young people and women to live independent and purposeful lives. We can’t imagine how difficult vulnerable individuals must have found trying to live purposeful lives during the lockdown, but Llamau ensured that their support continued no matter what.

The CPA was super easy to set up, we just chose a charity that we wanted to support during this unprecedented time, got in touch with the fundraising team and took it from there.

Llamau got on board right away and helped us shout about the initiative on their social media pages. In return, this also helped raise awareness of our brand to their followers and we had a great response and gained new followers.

We have raised £780 so far, and will continue to support Llamau with this particular initiative until the end of the summer holidays.”

£5 from each kit sold is donated to Llamau. You can order them online or purchase in store*.

Our partners do more than just raise money, we create partnerships that allow your company and your employees to get much closer to the cause and to deliver real change to people’s lives.

Our dedicated Corporate Fundraising Team works to make sure that a partnership with Llamau is mutually beneficial. We’ll help you to promote your company, engage your staff and meet your strategic and Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives. You’ll help us to support people who have experienced the frightening reality of homelessness right here in Wales.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved please contact [email protected] today.

*You can visit Crwst at Crwst, Priory Street, Aberteifi, SA43 1BU.