SafeLives, an organisation dedicated to ending domestic abuse, has released a joint statement which has been signed by domestic abuse charities and experts across the sector, explaining why it is so important we all take action if worried about someone's safety. We are proud to add Llamau to the list of signatories on the statement.

One in three women in Wales will experience domestic abuse and in 2017-18 in South Wales, an incident of domestic abuse was reported to the police every 15 minutes. The biggest cause of homelessness for women is domestic abuse. It is estimated that around 40% of homeless women became homeless because they had left an abusive relationship. 

We are committed to ending the cycle of abuse, but this can only be possible if we all work together. 

Domestic abuse is everyone’s responsibility. If you're worried about someone's safety, please don't look the other way. If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger, always call 999 and ask for the police. If you are not in immediate danger, you can call the 24 hour Live Fear Free Helpline in Wales on 0808 80 10 800.

Read the statement released by SafeLives below, and click here to see the full list of signatories, and contact information for domestic abuse services across the UK.

The weekend has been full of comment about the relationship we have with our neighbours.

It’s not for us to judge what happens in anyone’s relationship, but it is for us all to take action if we are concerned about someone’s safety. That’s a natural human instinct. Let’s support it rather than challenge it.

Don’t walk on by if you are worried. Ask if they are ok. Tell someone. Call the police.