On Sunday 16th August, dedicated Llamau supporter, Laurence Brophy, will set off on his biggest and most challenging adventure to date. An adventure that, if he completes, will make him a record-breaker!

The 88-year-old will embark on an epic journey just shy of 2,000 miles, cycling south from his home in Pencoed to Land’s End and then on to John o' Groats and BACK AGAIN. A feat Laurence hopes to complete in no more than 25 days.

As if the near-month-long challenge won’t be tough enough, Laurence also plans to sleep rough on almost every night of the journey there and back, to raise awareness of the harsh reality of homelessness and how hard it can be for a young homeless person to find a safe and secure place to sleep.

Last year, aged 87, whilst cycling the one way from Land’s End to John o' Groats, Laurence wondered whether he was the oldest man to complete this challenge, later finding out he’d actually taken his place in the ’87 club’ alongside current record holder Donald Wells. 

This year, it’s believed that when Laurence cycles his final mile home he will take the record as the oldest man to complete the ride from Land’s End to John o' Groats and back again. An incredible achievement for Laurence to celebrate.

The former Green Party candidate and volunteer litter picker will complete the journey dressed as ‘The Green Man’, hoping to raise awareness of environmental issues and climate change at the same time.

Looking ahead to his trip this weekend, Laurence told us:

I’m looking forward to this trip. It’ll be the first time I’ve cycled both ways so it’s unchartered territory for me. I also must find the kind lady who lives in Caithness and let me sleep in her outbuilding one dark and windy night last year. I missed the opportunity to thank her so I have to do that this year.

 I’ll never be able to truly know what it feels like to be homeless. When I sleep rough it’s when I choose. I have a credit card in my pocket, a phone to contact family and friends and I have the confidence to ask a stranger for help if I’m in great enough need. When I wake in the morning I have plans for the day ahead and the next day, with long-term hopes and aspirations that make me what I am.

Homeless people have none of these things so if I could ask one thing from others it would be to give something to support homeless people.

Llamau would like to say a huge thank you to Laurence and wish him a very safe journey.

If you’d like to sponsor Laurence and support Llamau at the same time, please follow his Just Giving link below.

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