We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the World's Big Sleep Out campaign to host an official event in Cardiff!

On December 7th, for one night in iconic locations across the globe, we will sleep out in unison to create the world’s largest display of solidarity with and support of those experiencing homelessness and displacement.

This event will replace our annual Sleep Out in Cardiff to help us create the biggest Sleep Out Cardiff has ever seen, and to raise more money to end homelessness in Wales.

The World’s Big Sleep Out will see fundraising events take place in towns and cities across the globe on December 7th 2019, supported by a list of internationally recognised faces including Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith. The campaign aims to see a total of 50,000 people sleeping out in their respective cities on the same night, bringing global attention to the issue of homelessness and international displacement, and to raise life-saving funds needed to help 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people in Wales and throughout the world. 

Cities already confirmed to be taking part include, Cardiff, London (Trafalgar Square), New York (Times Square), Edinburgh (Princes St Gardens), Chicago (Lincoln Park), New Delhi (Central Park), Newcastle, Dublin, Belfast, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Santiago, Rijeka and Kharviv with more to be announced as the event gets closer. The events will feature world-renowned music acts, as well as a bedtime story read by some of the most famous voices in the world, including Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren.  

Registration to join the event will open to the public in early September, and each applicant will commit to fundraising as much as they can. It is hoped that an estimated 50,000 participants will collectively achieve a fundraising target of $50,000,000 which will be distributed Llamau and a range of homelessness and refugee focused charities throughout the world. As well as benefitting local charities where the events take place, partners for the campaign include the Malala Fund, UNICEF USA and the Institute of Global Homelessness who will be able to support a target of 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people with the funds raised

To get involved in this important cause you can register to participate in the official event in Cardiff at www.bigsleepout.com

If you have already signed up to take part in our Cardiff Sleep Out on 7th November, we have sent an email to you about this. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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Frances Beecher, CEO of Llamau said

Homelessness continues to be a huge issue in Wales and a shocking 7,584 people under the age of 25 needed help with homelessness last year. But we firmly believe that homelessness is an issue that can be solved and that everyone can be part of the solution. By working together, we can make sure that homelessness is a thing of the past. Llamau is delighted to be hosting Cardiff’s World’s Big Sleep Out event, giving the people of Wales the opportunity to play their part in ending homelessness, both in Wales and across the world.