On Saturday 7th December 2019 Llamau, in partnership with The World’s Big Sleep Out and Social Bite, held a mass Sleep Out event at Cardiff Castle. The event was one of 52 mass sleep out events happening around the world on the same night. World’s Big Sleep Out Cardiff was attended by over 400 people and raised £121,000 to help homeless and displaced people in Wales and throughout the world.

As with all of our fundraising events, ensuring the safety of those taking part is our primary concern. As the event organisers, we had a duty of care to make sure that everyone taking part in World’s Big Sleep Out Cardiff was safe and well. Due to extreme weather conditions on the night, we took the decision to advise participants that if they had a safe way of getting home, they should do so. For anyone who chose to stay, we ensured they were kept warm and safe, with the support of St John’s Ambulance who were on hand throughout the night.

We are very clear that Sleep Out can in no way replicate rough sleeping and that, sadly, this support is not always available to people who have no other choice but to sleep rough. We are deeply concerned about the numbers of people having to sleep rough and facing all forms of homelessness at the moment, and are committed to working Welsh Government, local authorities and agencies all across Wales to end homelessness for good. We firmly believe that if we are able to put the right support in place at the right time, then we can make sure that no one has to face the awful reality of homelessness. In order to deliver projects that prevent homelessness, we have to raise significant amounts of money each year. Sleep Out is just one way for us to do that, and every single penny of the £121,000 raised at at World’s Big Sleep Out Cardiff will support homeless people in Wales and across the world.

We are incredibly grateful to every person who took part in World’s Big Sleep Out Cardiff and to everyone who donated their time, money or services to support the event.