Philip Colligan celebrates with family in aid of ending homelessness for Llamau  

The summertime in Wales has been packed full of with great achievements for one of our committed fundraisers, Philip Colligan, who successfully smashed his fundraising target by cycling across Wales for 15 out of 16 days.

Philip had grew up in Rhyl where he set off for his bike journey on his own, and covered a total of 844 miles on the road. Riding the bike wasn’t his main concern, but climbing high points alone made his journey quite challenging at times. In spite of his sacrifices, Philip was determined to reach his target of £2.500 and making sure that his online journal was kept updated daily. And it paid off by miles!

The highs and lows of the 2-week challenge inspired over 140 donors to give back to the Slow Cycle around Wales initiative through social media awareness. So far, Philip has raised over £7.000 to support young people and families experiencing homelessness in Wales (and it continues to grow). 

Donate for Philip Colligan’s Slow Cycle Around Wales initiative here

In his last day, Philip revealed how important it is to support organisations like Llamau to help end homelessness among young people. “Just because I’ve stopped pedalling, it doesn’t mean that the scourge of homelessness has ended. If you don’t have a safe place to call home then everything else suffers. Studying, working, planning your future; all are pretty much impossible without a safe home” he said. Tackling homelessness is a cause close to Philip’s heart, having seen the impact in his youth. He decided to use his Slow Cycle Ride Around Wales to raise awareness of the issues and to raise funds to support Llamau’s work to prevent young people experiencing homelessness.

Read Philip’s blog here


Philip and Fundraising Events Coordinator Iona at Llamau Head Office in Cardiff

We’re sure this initiative was not only an eye-opening experience to everyone who followed his journey on social media, but also a rewarding moment for Philip and his loved ones.  Team Llamau is extremely proud of his perseverance, willingness and kindness. 

If you want to get involved in initiatives like Slow Cycle Ride Around Wales and make a difference, get in touch to fundraise for us. 

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