In light of the statement made by Mr McEvoy on 19 January, I feel I must respond to the allegations made about me, and the erroneous accusation of a coordinated campaign or of a “political witch-hunt against him”.

Firstly, I would like to state that Mr McEvoy is wrong in assuming that Ms Kiernan was working for Llamau at the time of my complaint to Plaid Cymru.

Secondly, I would like to state that Mr McEvoy’s allegation that I revealed the details of one of his constituents in my complaint to Plaid Cymru is categorically untrue. No one other than Mr McEvoy was named in the complaint I raised with the party.

Llamau is an organisation that works to protect people who have experienced violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence; we support and work with both men and women. I believe that any organisation working in this field has a duty to highlight any behaviour by an elected politician which it deems to be intimidatory and unacceptable, and then to allow the appropriate authorities to investigate.

Llamau does not have a history of making complaints, indeed this is the first time we have actually ever made a formal complaint,  but I feel I have a duty to raise any issues where we feel people we support and our colleagues have been unfairly treated and are feeling bullied. It is a matter of public record that other organisations working in this field have also had to raise complaints about similar accusations by Mr McEvoy.

I am deeply concerned that having made a complaint through the appropriate advised channels that Mr McEvoy deems it appropriate to then attack and pillory me in public. Worryingly this doesn’t seem to be a unique experience and I believe that this is something the media and all involved in public life in Wales need to address in order to create a safe environment where anyone can raise concerns.