We sat down with Emma, a dedicated Unison branch secretary, to understand the reasons behind Unison’s support for Llamau's fundraising efforts.

In Llamau’s work, we strive to work with the families surrounding those we assist but their stories are not always heard more widely. If society fails to grasp the far-reaching effects of homelessness, the ripples that touch lives beyond the surface then it cannot understand the issue fully. This is the challenging side of Llamau’s mission, when people can comprehend the root causes and experiences that lead to such circumstances giving a better view of how homelessness can affect anyone. It is also about something more—a compassionate response born from having received help themselves.

Many of Llamau’s supporters have personally encountered the impact of our initiatives, comprehending the pivotal role the organisation plays during individuals' most trying times. It's a reminder of the vital difference that can be made.

In this video, you'll have the chance to hear Emma's personal journey and perspective. It's a story that sheds light on the intricacies of homelessness in Wales, the motivations behind supporters, and the transformational influence of Llamau’s assistance.