We are delighted to announce that Llamau is entering into a new partnership with University of South Wales for the next two years!

A major player in UK higher education, University of South Wales is rooted in the communities of South Wales. The University is committed to making an impact in the local community, providing employment-focused higher education for talented and motivated students from all backgrounds. 

USW made its first donation to Llamau with a Christmas card donation at the end of 2017. Now, we are excited to be working with the University on a number of exciting projects and corporate fundraising activities over the next two years. 

Wendy Collie, Income Generation Manager at Llamau, said: “At Llamau, we believe that no young person or vulnerable women should ever have to experience homelessness and are extremely grateful to University of South Wales for choosing to support Llamau as their nominated Charity.

“They have a great understanding of our mission to end youth homelessness and homelessness for vulnerable women; their fantastic support and fundraising efforts truly will change the futures for the people we support.

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Wales, said: “Llamau is a charity that campaigns and actively supports young people who are homeless, especially young women.  We are pleased to be working with another fantastic organisation that has contributed so much to social justice in Wales.” 

Last year, we were so proud to see Beth, who was previously supported by Llamau, graduate from University of South Wales. Beth’s inspirational story is testament to the fact that everyone, no matter their background, has the potential to achieve amazing things with the right support.

Beth said: “I moved into one of Llamau's houses when I was 18, and that was when I realised that I could achieve my dreams if I wanted to. When I moved in I wasn't sure if I would still be able to go to university - whether I'd be able to carry on studying for my A-Levels and get the grades I needed. But Llamau helped me to see that with their support, I could achieve anything I wanted to.

“When I found out that I'd got a place at the University of South Wales, it made all the hard work worth it. I was actually really scared when the day came to leave Llamau's accommodation and move into student halls - I wasn't sure I'd cope. Llamau's support, though, had taught me how to live independently and if I ever needed any more help, they were always at the end of a phone.

“Going to university was one of the best things I've ever done. It has allowed me to meet new friends and experience a different way of life. I was so happy when I graduated and am very much looking forward to becoming a social worker in the future. If you'd told me ten years ago that I would have just graduated from university, I wouldn't have believed you.”