I started taking calls for Llamau’s Youth Homeless Helpline in 2020. My first shifts taking calls started around Christmas time. By that time, I’d already undergone Llamau’s training and so even though I felt nervous, I also felt as prepared as I could be.

I also had a meeting with Michelle from Llamau before I started who explained to me what taking calls is like in practice. The training is great but in the day to day, it can be quite different.

I remember taking three calls on Boxing Day last year, all from young people under the age of 21. One young woman had been kicked out of her family home on Christmas Eve and slept in a shed that night. It was a memorable call and I thought about it afterwards because I was with my own family but I knew I’d helped her as much as possible. She had called through to the right place and I referred her on for the help she needed.

Before I took any calls, I completed training that covers things like Safeguarding, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Children’s Rights. It has really helped in both my job at Housing Options in Cardiff, and taking calls for the Helpline.

Volunteering for the Helpline is great and Llamau are flexible. I usually put myself forward for a few shifts every week but I’m never overwhelmed and always have support if I need to call for additional help.

It is a productive way to fill free time and for me, it really mirrors the work I’m doing. Perhaps that makes it a bit easier for me but even for someone not in this line of work it would open their eyes and their mind to what’s going on around them.  


Role title: Youth Homeless Helpline Volunteer
Location: Across Wales. A working from home opportunity
Reporting to: Helpline Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteering hours: Minimum requirement 1 x 4 hr shift weekly, maximum 12hr
Pattern: Weekly rota volunteer shifts, evenings and weekends

Role Responsibilities:

  • To respond to Llamau’s helpline calls, emails, text and web chats responding to young people housing needs.
  • To listen to young people in a non-judgmental and empathetic way, ensuring a quality service is provided.
  • To assess each call individually to ensure the support and assistance given to callers is appropriate and of the highest standard.
  • To refer and signpost to appropriate services, providing advocacy when needed.
  • To record accurate information in the appropriate systems required by Llamau.
  • To uphold Llamau’s Mission, Vision, Values, Policies and Procedures.
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times whilst also considering safeguarding issues.
  • To participate in training, supervision and debrief sessions
  • To be self aware and seek advice, report problems, difficulties, complaints to the Volunteer Helpline Coordinators.

If you would like further information about supporting Llamau's Youth Homeless Helpline, please get in touch