The Wales Audit Office has today published a report on Youth Homelessness in Wales, as part of a series of reports on the wellbeing of young people. The report summarises much of what is being done to address youth homelessness in Wales and raises some crucial points about what more needs to be done to have more impact. 

Frances Beecher, Chief Executive of Llamau and Chair of End Youth Homelessness Cymru said:

This WAO report highlights a number of critical areas in which we need to see change; in particular, overarching scrutiny of the impact on youth homelessness is insufficient, in part because the data collected is not good enough to show accurately what’s happening to young people across Wales. We hear frequently about young people having markedly different experiences of support from one local authority to the next. If we are going to end youth homelessness, we are calling for  greater oversight of what is happening to young people – sharing good practice and strongly responding when young people are let down. We also need to see a Welsh Government strategy implemented outlining how Wales will end youth homelessness and we stand ready to support  this.

You can read the full report here