A place to call home, somewhere you feel safe. We believe that is a right - not a privilege.

At Llamau, we believe that we all have the right to fulfil our potential, and to feel safe and secure, despite the difficult circumstances we sometimes face. 

We believe that the only way to end homelessness is to start by ending youth homelessness. That's because many people who are sleeping on the streets today were homeless when they were younger as well.

Here's how we are working with young people across the Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend area to help deal with the issues which lead to homelessness, before it's too late.

Supported Housing

Our housing projects give young people somewhere safe to call a home when they have nowhere else to turn. Each person has their own private space, and projects have communal living spaces for young people to socialise, watch television and to have fun. Each of our projects provides so much more than shelter. We make sure that each person receives a tailored package of support which enables them to develop their strengths and overcome the issues that led to them becoming homeless. This holistic support enables each individual to work towards independent living at their own pace and in a way that suits them.

Supported Lodgings

Our Supported Lodgings schemes in Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend provide supportive accommodation for young people who cannot live at home. Supported lodgings allow us to support young people one-to-one in a home environment. The young person is provided with a room of their own in a private home,where they become a member of the household. Young people are placed with carefully chosen hosts who are given guidance by Llamau on how to best support the young person who is living with them.

Family Mediation

We believe that, where safe and possible, the best place for a young person to be is at home. Our Family Mediation service works with young people and their families to resolve family relationship issues and ensure they can continue to live at home. Last year, 66% of young people involved with our Family Mediation service remained at or returned home. That means we prevented homelessness for 499 young people.

We were a family that had reached breaking point. This was due to drug related problems. My lovely son had turned into a nightmare. In desperation, I phoned social services, but because my son was 16 they couldn't help. We were put in touch with Llamau and because of the wonderful work that they do, we are now once again a good family unit.

Education and Employment Opportunities

When referred to us, just 40% of the people we support have 1-4 GCSEs. 25% have no qualifications at all. At our Learning 4 Life projects, young people are able to think again about their future, through an informal reintroduction to education. They can work on qualifications and develop the skills they'll need for employment in the future.

At age 19, 43% of care leavers are not in education, training or employment. Often with few qualifications, and limited work experience, they do not get past most recruitment processes. Our Symud Ymlaen / Moving Forward (SY/MF) programme in Swansea helps young people who have offended and those leaving the care system gain greater access to employment and training. We’re working with businesses across South Wales to ensure that young people are given a chance to work and therefore a chance to fulfil their potential. Businesses can offer long-term work placements to young people, with the confidence of knowing that both the business and the young person will be supported by Llamau to make the placement a success.