When working in projects, it's extremely important that you follow Public Health Wales hand washing and hygiene guidance in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Please use this guide to keep yourselves safe and to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Keeping Yourself Safe - Quick Guide for Colleagues

Following the Welsh Government's Health Protection Regulations stating that every reasonable measure should be taken to ensure that people can keep a 2 metre distance from each other in the workplace, we have put some guidance together on what that means for Llamau's Colleagues. 

Maintaining Physical Distance in the Workplace

We've also put together a cleaning guide for projects so that it's easy to remember what you should be doing in projects to help to stop the spread.

Projects Cleaning Guide

Please remember that you should only be giving lifts to people we support in urgent situations, and where you do, please follow this process in order to keep yourself and the people you support safe. 

Lifts In cars

We've also put a visual guide together for the people we support to understand what they need to clean and how they can help to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Cleaning Guide for People We Support

It is also important that the people we support understand the need to social distance, and you can find more information to help you encourage the people we support to social distance and stay at home by clicking below. 

Encouraging People to Social Distance